A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have some fun delivering dead clients to their final resting place! Don't lose them on your way there though! ;)

Install instructions

1. download a zip file.

2. unzip it.

3. run the .exe file or .app


Download for Windows 38 MB
Download for Mac 42 MB


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Literally I could not do anything, buttons would not work, at all....


That's a bummer! Thanks for letting me know! What system have you used to play ? 

Made a video 

Super fun game! Not much more to say, but I feel like sometimes there's a small collision issue when I hit a wall really fast. It's like a small bit somehow passed through the wall and gets stuck a little. Also if I happen to get just a small bit over the edge of something I can't go any further, which would make sense but there was a couple times where the tires were still visably touching the edge of the grave. Still had a blast though! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Very fun game! I love how tricky the physics gets :D
On a different note - > would you like some art for your game? I'd be happy to create some low poly assets to fit your game


Hey! I really should have answered earlier :( My bad. We are small team just 2 people and we are just starting (and GROWING!) so far we only have experience and courage. If you share same values and goals I would be happy to continue this conversation ! 

On this yellow brick road there's a spot for Experience, Courage, and  a tin man with a low poly Heart? 
You don't say! Sign me up for this adventure any day. 
I prefer working with small teams on short quirky projects like Funeral Simulator


hey I mailed you on twitter, but got no reply.

sent you a message :) 

Is it just me or is the SPACE key doesn't work? It makes no difference if I press the key or not...

Have you being playing on Mac?

Nope. I'm on Windows 10. It feels like it does not work. Shoud it leave any skidmarks when I drift?

no yet :( but I am working on it ! it still sh if you hold it.

IOs and Android Coming soon

Not enough money to bury granpa? Do it yourself!

Lol for dark humor on monty python level!

(starts 36:50)

Boo for stolen music (the watermark kinda indicates that?)!

Yeah, but this project is more of a prototype and school project rather then a product. In addition I cited the website I took the music from. Thought I do understand situation and working on it. Thnx for some feedback. ;)

Hahahaha, This was a hoot.

Haha that was fun but if you are seeking for real challenge and for 100% completetion try to earn "carless'' stamp on every level ;)