A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have some fun delivering dead clients to their final resting place! Don't lose them on your way there though! ;)

Published May 03, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenrePuzzle, Racing
TagsDriving, Funny, Low-poly, Physics

Install instructions

1. download a zip file.

2. unzip it.

3. run the .exe file or .app


Download for Windows 38 MB
Download for Mac 42 MB


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Made a video 

Super fun game! Not much more to say, but I feel like sometimes there's a small collision issue when I hit a wall really fast. It's like a small bit somehow passed through the wall and gets stuck a little. Also if I happen to get just a small bit over the edge of something I can't go any further, which would make sense but there was a couple times where the tires were still visably touching the edge of the grave. Still had a blast though! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Very fun game! I love how tricky the physics gets :D
On a different note - > would you like some art for your game? I'd be happy to create some low poly assets to fit your game

Is it just me or is the SPACE key doesn't work? It makes no difference if I press the key or not...

Have you being playing on Mac?

Nope. I'm on Windows 10. It feels like it does not work. Shoud it leave any skidmarks when I drift?

IOs and Android Coming soon

Not enough money to bury granpa? Do it yourself!

Lol for dark humor on monty python level!

(starts 36:50)

Boo for stolen music (the watermark kinda indicates that?)!

Yeah, but this project is more of a prototype and school project rather then a product. In addition I cited the website I took the music from. Thought I do understand situation and working on it. Thnx for some feedback. ;)

Hahahaha, This was a hoot.

Haha that was fun but if you are seeking for real challenge and for 100% completetion try to earn "carless'' stamp on every level ;)