A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have some fun delivering dead clients to their final resting place! Don't lose them on your way there though! ;)

Install instructions

1. download a zip file.

2. unzip it.

3. run the .exe file or .app


Download for Windows 38 MB
Download for Mac 42 MB


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IOs and Android Coming soon

Not enough money to bury granpa? Do it yourself!

Lol for dark humor on monty python level!

(starts 36:50)

Boo for stolen music (the watermark kinda indicates that?)!

Yeah, but this project is more of a prototype and school project rather then a product. In addition I cited the website I took the music from. Thought I do understand situation and working on it. Thnx for some feedback. ;)

Hahahaha, This was a hoot.

Haha that was fun but if you are seeking for real challenge and for 100% completetion try to earn "carless'' stamp on every level ;)